5+ Money Saving Beauty Tips

Hi it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and I’m going to share with you five of my money saving beauty tips. Beauty is such a weird phenomenon, don’t you think? I mean, for centuries, people, in particular women, have done things to make themselves more beautiful. You look back at the Egyptians and they have their charcoal eyes or you look at the Georgians who had powdered faces and red rosy cheeks and powdered wigs. Or you go to the twenties where women had thin dark red lips and short hair and androgynous bodies, or the thirties and forties where women have bright red lips and big giant curls and then so on and so forth through the sixties, seventies, eighties. It seems like every decade there’s a new trend when it comes to beauty, whether the hair or makeup or something else.

It wasn’t until I started having girls and they started asking questions about beauty and we started defining what beauty is that I started really thinking about it and honestly it doesn’t make any sense. Why are we as a society following these trends, and who’s setting these trends? And then who is this person that is defining what is considered beautiful? And we’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars doing it. I stopped doing it. I stopped doing it years ago. That doesn’t mean that i still don’t do beauty things or beauty treatments, but I definitely don’t go overboard in trying to fit any kind of modern trend. So I’m going to share with you five things that I’ve done over the years that have saved me a significant amount of money, and for better or for worse these are my beauty tips.

Okay so some people might not think of razors as a beauty tip but if your part Wookie like me then yeah, razors are definitely considered a beauty tip. Now I used to spend somewhere in the vicinity of a dollar fifty to two fifty per razor, because I bought disposable razors previously. Now since then I’ve switched over to one of these types of razors. It’s a Mercur, a German razor and you replace just the blade whenever you want to replace the blade, and that is these, and they cost less than twenty-four cents per blade. Now there is a little bit of a learning curve with this so you might want to add on some cut rescue or some band-aids to that as well. . . but excellent razor. I won’t go with anything else.

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Makeup. Oh my god I used to spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup, the best brands. Mac in particular. i probably had half of every single color that Mac carries. At one point I had a train case full of makeup. Did it make me look any better? Was one shade of brown different from another shade of brown?No it wasn’t, and I was just spending ridiculous amounts of money on it. So what did I switch over to? I’m going to show you everything in my makeup case. I have a cover-up, an eyeliner, concealer and a blush. That’s it, and i only use this when I’m doing video because it makes editing for my husband easier.

Skin products. Yes I fell for the whole Lancome thing and anti-wrinkle cream and anti dark circle under the eye thing and this and that, all to try and improve my complexion. . . make it shinier, make it better. No. Let me tell you firsthand experience. What I discovered is you don’t need all that stuff. The main thing that you need, the main thing that will make your complexion look good is what you put inside your body, and that means fresh fruit and vegetables, because what you eat is reflected on your skin. So if you see someone with poor skin, chances are they have a poor diet. If you’re eating processed foods it’s going to show and be reflected in your skin. Now what do i use? I just use a facewash and this is actually a nail brush but I use this as a skin brush. So brush off dead skin and polishes the skin. That is all that I use. Now I do use a homemade deep cleaner once a week and what I do is I mix equal parts of salt and baking soda and a little squirt of this. Mix it all up,apply that as a paste to my face, leave it sit for about five minutes and rinse it off, scrub it off, and that’s my face rinse.

Tip number four: Teeth Whiteners. I spent oh God, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on buying say the crest whitening strips. I think they’re like 40 some dollars a box, and yeah I was using them all the time, and I do not use them any more. What do i use instead? I’m going to show you. Baking soda and lemon. That’s all you need. You make a paste out of this, put i ton your teeth, leave it on for about five minutes, and you brush it off. Now the lemon. . . what this does is it will sort of eat away at that stain and the baking soda helps scrub it off. Yes this does work.

Hair Products. I used to spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars buying hair products and I thought the ones from the salon we’re better than ones you can get from say Walmart, Target or another big box store. I bought shine spray and hair paste and styling glue and hairspray, fancier sprays, medium,light, heavy hold, and just ton sand tons and tons of hair products. I literally at any one given time at least 20 bottles or 20 containers in my cabinet,and the money that was sunk into those was absurd. And you know what? It did not make my hair any better by using those expensive products. All it did was eat away at my wallet. What do I use now? You guys are gonna laugh but I use sugar spray. Now this is something that women in the nineteen-twenties used to do to set their pin curls. All it is, is water and sugar. It’s practically free and yes it does work, and no I’ve not had any issues with mosquitoes or additional issues with mosquitoes because i use it. It absolutely does work and you can make it stronger by adding more sugar or weaker by using less. I’ll show you how to make it. You take about one and a half cups of hot water and you had two tablespoons of sugar. Stir to dissolve, and then you just pour it into any bottle that you want. Now if you want you can also add some essential oils to give it some scent if you like. This works amazingly well and it’s practically free. The only thing that I would say is if you do add too much. . . you can have glazed hair at some point.

Finally my last tip. . . and this is one that some of you may not like, but my last tip and things that I do for beauty products is I don’t use services anymore. That means pedicures which run somewhere around $35 plus tip. Nope I do them myself. Eyebrow waxing. Nope, do it at home. Manicures, fifteen dollars plus tip. Nope, do them at home. And here’s the big one. . . Haircuts. Around here to get someone fresh out of school to cut your hair is about twenty nine dollars plus tip. To get some medium person to cut your hair. . . $49. The average on in this area is $69 for a haircut + tip. That’s a hair CUT. That’s not color, there’s nothing else. That’s a haircut. Look, that’s fantastic. Hair dressers? I’m all for them, I’m absolutely all for them. I think they’re wonderful but I can’t afford it. I just can’t. So yes my last tip is services. . . I do them all myself and that includes cutting my own hair. Watch YouTube videos,there’s tons of them out there. They’ll teach you how to cut your own hair. And yes you’re gonna screw up. There is a learning curve to it. There was a continual learning curve, especially if you’re doing your own hair and you have to cut your back and you can’t get your spouse to cut your hair because he’s afraid he’s going to lop it all off and you have to do it yourself with a mirror. You’re gonna make mistakes. Do a little bit at a time so that if you do make a mistake its only a little mistake and you’re not lopping off six inches and you end up with a mohawk. Ask me how I know this.

So that’s my last tip. . . Do your own services at home. You’re going to save a ton of money. You don’t need to be going out and doing that and spending money,and then four to six weeks later you have to do it again. So those are my five beauty tips. If you guys have any additional beauty tips and ways to save money,feel free to leave those below. I want to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments leave those below as well. I’m not an expert on this stuff, just telling you what I do and how I save money. And if you guys like this kind of stuff. “like” and subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. Whether you shave or not. . Yeah it actually matters if you shave or not. Because if you don’t shave then you don’t need a razor. . . ok.

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