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It’s Natalie here.Today I’m going to be talking about the best beauty tips that you’re ever going to hear and I hope you enjoy. There’s a little twist in this video and instead I’m not just going to be talking about how to look beautiful but also how to feel beautiful. Beauty comes from within and at the end of the day Beauty fades and what will matter the most is what’s in your heart more than just looks.

Ask yourself. Are you happy with yourself, are you confident with yourself? Do you love yourself. Those are really three more questions especially in the society to live in today. We all are craving this perspective of beauty that is obviously unrealistic. We all feel guilty of it. It’s so hard to not compare yourself to another person or not to feel like you’re not good enough because you don’t look a certain way. We all feel like this at this point in life. I feel like the most important things for people to start feeling comfortable with themselves. I literally took my time and I wrote everything down because this video is very important to me and I really want to put my word out there. I want to be able to express what I feel and talk about things that are going to be helpful for you guys and not just hair and do my makeup.

So how could be constant have to be happy with yourself? The first thing is don’t compare yourself to others because you’re always going to end up being miserable and I know this is the hardest part especially because of social media and because of the things that we see in magazines and press. But that’s the first thing that’s going to help you be more comfortable with yourself is to not compare yourself to others. Acknowledge that you’re unique and being differently to you and that’s beautiful being grateful for what you have and most of us don’t realize the amazing gifts that we’re already given. From the universe and from God or whatever higher power? You believe in when you start to realize the small things the life gives you, and you’re grateful for them for example. Where you sleep, who being able to have arms, being able to talk, being able to have a beautiful family? Appreciating what you have you become more conscious of what’s important, and that will only bring abundance and happiness in your life making you feel more confident and happier with yourself. Now Don’t lie to yourself. Give the best of you in all aspects. No excuses, no procrastination and no blaming others. You are responsible of your own destiny and in your consciousness you use it for your advantage and you value respect and love yourself a lot more once you’re secure with yourself.

Negative opinions from others will not affect you you will not take this opinions personally. You are aware that this is their problem and not yours for example. I get millions of messages every second of hates and people trying to bring me down. You know they don’t like the way I dress don’t like the way I talk they don’t like the way. I am. That’s their issue. That’s not my issue. You know that’s not affecting me. I’d be on a dating when I was their way to say that that just shows that they have a personal problem, you know what I’m saying. So wish them the best and then respect yourself and others and this is very very Important. Surround yourself with people that are in tune with your energy, people who value you, support you and help you shine your pearl. What do I mean by this? Friends of Brain pain and the A negative Destruction need to leave your life. Let them go because they’re not ready for you. Their intentions are wrong, and they do not deserve you. You’re way more ahead of them those are the main things I practice to stay in my lane, and be happy with myself a little bit more comfortable.

There’s been times where I’ve tried to change myself to be accepted by others Or I’ve tried to do things to fit in at the end. I felt so miserable inside because I wasn’t happy with who I was and when you do learn to love yourself you feel so much happiness and confidence And it’s just the best feeling ever. That feeling is better than any type of Alteration or physical look or anything that is on the outside? And I can promise you there’s nothing more beautiful than a kind and big and beautiful heart. so moving on  sleep is the key to beauty and health. Six to eight hours of sleep is the appropriate sleep and should be at night. I’m not daytime sleep is when our body fits your bill regenerate and repair.Appropriate sleep is anti-aging, life lengthening and essential for healthy functioning of body and mind. Not sleeping causes inflammation in your body, dark Circles retention of water, dry skin,wrinkles, and it just puts you in a bad mood. Sleep also helps with weight loss if you’re trying to get into shape. Definitely get that appropriate sleep hours at night time and you will get the perfect beauty sleep. I know sleeping can be hard sometimes I like to use a lavender essence oil. I like to spray on my pillow or my blanket before I go to bed and it just helps me relax, sleep and calm and just have a good night’s sleep.

Drink water guys. Drink water, best source of hydration for your body is water – increases energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, clears out your skin. So many people ask me what do you do to have clear skin? I drink so much water. You know me personally like you know. I always have a bottle of water in my hand. I’m extra stuck with it, but it’s true. It’s good for you, and in health people don’t realize that people don’t think of it. I don’t know why people don’t drink enough water, like it’s free and even if it’s not free like it’s not that expensive to get. A water bottle is less price than a Coca-Cola or any other sugary drink or any tea or anything? So there’s no excuses for not drinking water exercise. It makes you happier. It makes your more positive, helps you with weight loss if you’re trying to get in shape. It’s really good for your muscles and bones. Increases your level it helps with your skin helps with your brain health and memory and overall excellent. Offers Incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from inside out.

Moving onto skin. Skin is our biggest organ in our body and it’s the most important part. I get tons of questions about my skin. I have very clear skin. I take really good care of my skin. I have some little secrets for you guys, and I’m going to share them with you Shea butter. You can get it at an organic supermarket if not I’ll have a link below where you can get it online. You want to make sure that it is raw unrefined unbleached organic and Grade-A which means the most natural you can probably find. Shea butter is absolutely rich in vitamins a e and f naturally contains Spf 6 which is Sun protection, which is absolutely crazy like it’s already in the product and this is completely natural. It’s an amazing remedy for dry skin. It also reduces inflammation and makes it very beneficial for some people with acne. It provides collagen production which keeps us all young and beautiful and long-term use it reduces wrinkles stretch marks and cellulite. Back in Egyptian times and Cleopatra time shea butter was the main source or skin and hair. I believe in this because woman back then had beautiful skin and beautiful long shiny hair. All natural. What I love about shea butter it melts into your skin. I love to apply it all over my face and my body, neck legs everything ,and they also like to give myself a little massage as I do so and,then I love soaked in all night. I go to bed and I wake up with the most beautiful glowing skin and then I just shower and balm.

My second secret for your skin and body. You can eat this you can apply it on your skin, and it’s Manuka honey And you can also get this at organic market or I’ll have a link below where you can get it also make sure that it’s 100 raw and organic and all that Manuka Honey is producing a sealant and is one of the most unique of beneficial forms of honey in the world. It’s very beneficial. So I love to put a little tablespoon when I drink it or I just like to take a little teaspoon. You know maybe twice three times a week, and I will just eat it. Just because it’s the only one to heal sore throats and cures Infections and allergies it also works amazing for people with acne or in summer and heals burn scars and loans and many more for everyone watching this and has acne or examined a little face mask that you can make when Manuka honey as green tea. It’s amazing for clearing out your skin and just giving you a beautiful natural glow whether you have dry skin, or oily skin. It’s just amazing the reason why I’m using green tea is because it improves your skin complexion reduces puffy eyes and Dark circles in spite aging signs. It’s really good for acne and pimples and it also helps to heal scars. If you have scarring on your face or anywhere in your body, this is a really good mask. What I do is I take green tea and I pop it into hot water and let it sit for two minutes. This is going to make the bag of green tea get a little soft then I cut it up. I take out all the green tea and put it in a little bowl, and then I add 1 tablespoon of Manuka honey, and then you start mixing it and it becomes like a paste. You apply it to your face or anywhere you want,  your back your chest, your arms Even if it’s all over your body why not? I do it with my fingers. I let it sit for about twenty to thirty minutes as I do the warm shower to let it all out. It’s amazing. I definitely recommend it. I’ve never suffered from acne  but I still like to do it because it’s still really good for your skin. So you don’t necessarily need to have acne  or any of that. You can still try it out. You want to know more about the of this product? I’m going to have links below where you can find more Information and be more aware.
Please click here for Manuka honey
Now I’m sure everyone already knows about coconut oil. Coconut oil is the most amazing thing ever It provides hair  shine and strength. It also fights dandruff And it’s 100% natural. It balances the natural oils of your hair.It’s just overall the best thing ever. I also like to soak my skin in coconut oil. Just make sure when you buy it it’s hundred percent organic and unrefined and I also buy these at a normal organic market.

Give a smile to  other people because you never know what people are going through. A smile can just brighten someones day, keep that in mind, and I hope this was helpful. I love you guys so much don’t forget to subscribe down here and share this video. Share this video to your friends to your mom your dad to siblings to people you love because it’s important for people to start not just wanting to look good, but also feeling confident, feeling happy.  Let’s spread love.

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